Friday, June 15, 2018

Rocky Mountain National Park

We got up early today, went to Safeway to get lunch for the trail, drove up to the Glacier Basin Park & Ride inside Rocky Mountain National Park and caught the shuttle up to the Glacier Gorge Trailhead. There, we hiked up to Alberta Falls and then looped around to Dream Lake, Emerald Lake and finally ended at Bear Lake. Total distance about 8 miles. We had lunch at Dream Lake--just a couple of sandwiches that we bought at Safeway. Here are a few pictures. First an obligatory wildflower photo:
 Next one of the few remaining patches of snow up there:
 This was my favorite vista of the day, though there were many beautiful panoramas. This is looking up Loch Vale:
Along with ground squirrels, birds, marmots, and brook trout, we saw these bull elk hanging out the Alpine Visitor Center:
We're hoping to pull up stakes (literally) tomorrow early and driving to Salina, KS.