Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Praying Mantis

Saw this praying mantis down by the river this morning:
I can't remember when exactly the praying mantises appear back in Walla Walla, but it's definitely late summer. This looks pretty much just like the ones back in WW, same species? It would be surprising, but who knows?

It's interesting how much sport rowing occurs on the river here. I saw these folks working out this morning:
Then, just now, at 9pm I spotted this 8-person crew out for practice:
I assume there are competitions at some point. I'd like to see some racing.

Public school starts here on Monday. Laura and I noticed some school-aged kids putting these Spanish flag banners across one of the streets here. This is kind of close to one of the public schools in the neighborhood. I don't know of any other significant upcoming events that might warrant the decorations, so I'm going with the first day of school:


I'm attending a math conference in Utah on Sep 28-29. I'm flying from Madrid to Miami to spend a couple of days with Rachel, then on to Utah for the meeting, then back to Miami, then flying from Miami to Sevilla. Laura and I are going to up to Madrid for a second visit the day before I fly out (we originally came to Spain through Madrid and spent a couple of days there before coming down to Sevilla). We're going to take the high-speed train from Sevilla to Madrid. It goes about 220mph. I'm looking forward to that.