Thursday, March 14, 2019

π Day

Not that I really celebrated, I just wanted to put the symbol π in my blog. I did do math today, but none of it involved π.


Mario and Palma brought back one of the chairs expertly repaired by Palma's father. It's now in fine shape and will easily last the remainder of our time here. They took two more chairs back to their flat for repair:

Off they go to their house to effect repairs!


I continued experimenting with the gopro. Today I pointed it out the window and plugged it into my spare battery pack. I was happy to see that it recorded continuously for 6+ hours and only stopped because it ran out of memory. I think that with lower resolution and/or framerate or larger sd card, I can easily get it up to 10 hours or so:

At the moment, I'm using shotcut, a free windows video editor, to stitch together and down sample the video to make it more manageable. That too is going well. The job should be done in another hour or so.


Laura reminded me to look for pictures from our Morocco trip on the tour company's facebook page. I found one of Laura and one of me:

This is during the camel ride on the beach along the Atlantic Coast of Morocco. Check Laura's blog to see if she posted her photo. I liked it so much, I sent it to her mom, haha.