Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Real Alcazar

I went back to being a tourist today and visited the Real Alcazar, the royal palace here in Sevilla, with Scott and Shelley. Here are a few pictures. These low fountains in an islamic style. Southern Spain is always a mix of Christian and Islamic influences:

The king's garden. It's good to be king:

Scott and Shelley:

One of the boundary walls, gotta keep out the riff-raff:

Another fountain:

This guy doesn't need a sword, just a club, or as Scott noted, "a jamon". For ever after, we referred to him as "jamon man":

The throne room. The ceiling here as amazing, but I couldn't get a good photo:

Whenever you visit places in Europe, don't forget to look up:

We also walked over to the Plaza de Espana, but I didn't take any pictures, but if you're want to see pictures, I like these from my earlier blog post.


We finished the day at a fun and tasty restaurant called Zoko. Great presentation, great food. Laura ordered a tuna dish. Seared at the table:

The presentation was amazing:

I had chicken curri. The side is red couscous:

I would definitely go again.

New Angles

It's been interesting to see how the angles of sunlight change as the year progresses. The afternoon sun really shoots right into my "office" now:


We met Scott and Shelley at the train station this evening. They had a long day. They started in Barcelona, flew to Granada, spent the day there and then took the train here to Sevilla. The train had some technical difficulties so they ended up being bused for about half the trip around some bad train tracks and then took a train the rest of the way to Sevilla. In the end, it only cost them about 45 mins, but at the end of a long day, it's tough. We had a light meal with them around the corner at Cafe & Tapas and now they're heading to bed. Hopefully they'll sleep well tonight and be ready to see Sevilla tomorrow. Also, hopefully the weather will be ok. Rain is predicted.


When you're writing a math paper, it's nice to have another mathematician in the house willing to edit. Yesterday, Laura gave me some good advice on the paper I'm currently writing, but it's going to be a major reorganization. I spent some time today re-organizing. It'll be better for it, but I think it's going to take another week or so to finish.


Funny thing on the bus over to the train station this evening. There were two boys about 16 or so sitting in the row ahead of us. They were looking intently at a phone. I could see it was Instagram, but wasn't sure what. Then, finally I saw they were looking at photos of religious processions. Even better they were judge-y. "That guy's not holding the banner up straight." "That guy's trumpet is pointed at the ground."

They do take their processions seriously here in Sevilla--and at such a young age too.