Friday, July 13, 2018

Bikes and gelato

Another overcast and cool morning in the Villa. Noticed these trees with purple flowers on my way back from my run along the river:
All this running is definitely improving my pace. Not great, but did 4 miles in just under 35 mins this morning.

Laura and I did some grocery shopping, then lunch. Laura made a kind of mediterranean pita/hummus/meat thing. It was good. Then, Laura went to language class and I did some math.

This evening we signed up for our Sevici accounts. This bike share service has pick-up and drop-off points all over the area. We successfully tried it this evening. I have to admit it was nice to get around a bit faster than our feet can carry us:

To celebrate our new mode of transportation, we got a gelato (helado in espanol) at a little shop near our flat. It was called "brownie" and it was really good:

Finally, here's a picture of our bridge in the waning light as seen from the next bridge to the north. Our bridge is the best bridge: