Saturday, August 4, 2018

Day Out

Spent a lot of time outside today in spite of the heat. This morning I went for a run along the river. Went 4 miles out and rode a bike from the bike share station back.

Tomorrow we plan to go to the amusement park about 2km north of us. We bought tickets on-line, but we don't have a printer to print them out, so we went on a search for a place to print a pdf file. Just to be clear, a Saturday in August is not the day in Sevilla to find a such a shop open. Google claimed that there was a print/copy shop near our usual market that would be open, but when we got there, it wasn't. We used Google (why?) to find another place and it claimed there was one open down by the university. Since it was about 2.5km away, we grabbed bikes out of the bike share and rode down there:
Neither of us had much hope that it would be open, but it was a bit of an excuse to explore a part of town we hadn't seen before. After a long, sweaty ride, we found the place (yes it was closed). We rode back up to the grocery store and did our weekend shopping. We didn't manage to get the tickets printed, but apparently the amusement park will print them for you at the gate for a mere 2 euros.

This evening we decided to continue our exploratory mode and take the metro to the large indoor mall at the Nervión station:
On the way to the mall, we passed a guy trying to give away some kittens. Based on the engagement we were seeing with passersby, my guess is he'll have no trouble:
However you feel about Cristóbal Colón (a.k.a. Christopher Columbus) whose journey to the "new world" started in Sevilla, there are a lot of references to him and his expedition. We saw this statue today that I thought was kind of interesting:
 This depicts a sailor up in the crow's nest of a ship calling out "Tierra!" (or land ho!).

Turns out the Sevilla football club stadium is right next to the mall and there was a match this evening. Here's a shot of the front of the stadium:
Finally, as there was in Budapest, there is a Fridays restaurant here in Sevilla:
I guess they're kind of low-key like Hard Rock, some kind of presence in every touristy city in the world. We'll have to hit this when Rachel comes to visit. She's a fan.

We're back home now. Laura and I have been using our Amazon and Netflix video accounts a lot since we moved here. The past couple of days we've been watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon. Really good, highly recommend.