Friday, July 12, 2019

The Villages -> Indiantown -> Miami

We bade farewell to Tom and Sharron and headed to Indiantown, FL to visit Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Lew:

 They live in a secluded home that they built themselves some 20 years ago and now share with a very strange cat. We had lunch with them at the local golf course and had some good conversation before saying goodbye and continuing south to see Rachel in Miami.

It turned out to be "convenient" to meet Rachel at the "wet lab", a bar that is situated in one of the academic buildings of the University of Miami that is located on Virginia Key. We met Rachel, Shubham and Max and a few other friends on the patio and had a couple of beers and eventually dinner:

I have to say, an on-campus bar is a great idea. Whitman needs to consider this option carefully.