Saturday, July 14, 2018

Carrefour and tapas

 There's a Carrefour (sorta like the Walmart of Europe) here in Sevilla, but it's kind of far from the apartment. Now that we're in the bike share network, we decided to use the bikes to get over there and have a look around.

It was another cloudy, unseasonably cool morning. There were the usual boats and ducks on the river as we headed to the bike station.
 The bikes can only be out for 30 mins at a time. We thought we could make it to Carrefour in under 30 mins, but we ended up having to check them in and out of a station about 3/4 of the way there. The Carrefour was pretty huge. It has groceries, clothes, housewares etc. We scoped things out, but there really wasn't anything there that we couldn't find in smaller places near the apartment. Further, the prices, especially on food were basically the same as those we find in our neighborhood stores. Long story, short, we probably won't be going there too often:
 We rode about halfway home, then ditched the bikes and walked along the river for a while. Along the way, I managed to get a better photo of the purple flowering trees along the river. Some kind of jacaranda I'm guessing.
 Also, got a picture of the last bridge to the north of Sevilla. Really unusual design, but beautiful:
 Here's the path along the river we walked:
 There are a lot of boathouses along the river for the many rowing clubs. Here's one where there are a bunch of retired shells sitting on the roof:
 We stopped for some tapas at a place along the river, far from the center, so no tourists. Not much English going on there, but we managed:
 We ordered 3, a pork, a chorizo and a ham & cheese + a couple of diet cokes, about 10 euros:

We did a little meal planning and grocery shopping back in our neighborhood this afternoon. Everything is closed on Sundays here, so you do have to plan a bit to make it to Monday.