Monday, October 22, 2018

Bullet Points

  • There are a lot of small children in our building. They make a lot of fun sounds. Laura and I love the sound of our building in the evenings. Happy families.
  • Spanish class was good today. I met a guy named Martin from Berlin that moved to Sevilla to do a two-year post doc in genetics. He knows less Spanish than I do and was having a bad day. I hope our conversation afterwards cheered him up a bit.
  • The weather was sunny and warm today.
  • The workers continue to work on painting the building.
  • I managed to create a github repository for the project I'm working on. This in spite of the fact that poor github was having major technical difficulties today.
  • Emily is struggling with getting back on the right time zone. Definitely not conducive to studying for her qualifying exam on Fri. Somehow she'll make it work tho.
  • I watched workers deconstructing the lane buoys on the river this morning after the weekend's boat racing. Very efficient.
  • We went to the Primark (think Target for Europe). I needed another pair of pants since one of the pairs I brought with me to Spain has a tear. We also bought some towels for the various house guests we'll be having over the next couple of months.