Monday, April 15, 2019

Gym Achievement Unlocked

Laura had class early today because her school is completely swamped by processions in the afternoons this week. While she was at school, I worked on my paper and did a little more statistics. When she got home, we went gym shopping. The first gym we went to was close the flat and lovely, but a bit pricey, especially the sign up fee. The second gym is near our grocery store, about 1km from the house. It's also very nice and less expensive. Laura helped with the spanish and I managed to get a membership. It's a cool facility, open 24 hours, but only staffed during the day. At other times, I can use an RFID card to get in. I'm pretty happy to have a place to workout that doesn't involve slamming my foot on the pavement along the river everyday.


I went for my first workout this afternoon around 4pm. As I crossed San Jacinto, I noticed they were gearing up for another procession. I hoped it would be past by the time I came back, but no such luck:

Just... neeed... to... get... across... the... street. 😖 Oh well, back, around the block, under the bridge:

and home from the other direction. Meh, it's only a week.


I found a copy of the Paris-Roubaix bike race that happened yesterday and watched it this evening. Such a great race. Philip Gilbert won. I've always liked him, so I was happy.


Rachel got an HBO subscription and shared the login with me so I can watch Game of Thrones. It worked for a while this evening on the Whitman VPN, but then quit about half-way through the first episode. Not sure if HBO figured out somehow I was in Spain, or if it was just a temporary glitch. I'll try again later and see. Or, maybe Whitman figured out I was watching GoT on their VPN and pulled the plug. Who knows?! This is why people use bittorrent.