Monday, October 15, 2018

Delayed Deductible

Our daily schedule is a bit different now. Laura moved her class to the morning from 10am to 1:30pm. This used to be the time that we went to the grocery store. Today, we went to the store after Laura's class at 2pm. Since I now have class at 4pm on Mon and Wed, we had to be careful on time. Turns out, not a big deal. Laura just walked straight from class to the supermarket and I met her there.


The day started as usual with my walk along the river. I've been meaning to get a picture of the mural/graffiti under the Puente del Alamillo. There's so much detail. This is only a small patch of it:

Also, this morning was definitely the coolest so far. High-40's, overcast. Indeed, today was officially a rainy day. This afternoon I walked home in the rain. Glad we have umbrellas:

And the rain in the courtyard of our building made quite a racket:


The big UEFA Spain-England match is this evening. I'm watching it on TV as I write. So too are many other people in our building. England was winning 3-0 at the half. Early in the 2nd half, Spain scored, you could hear people in our building yelling and cheering, haha. Here's a picture of a replay of the goal on our TV:


Finally, I got an email today from my insurance company saying that they recovered and refunded my deductible from a claim made last April. It's amazing that a clear cut case where the other person admitted fault and had insurance took over 6 months to resolve. Oh well, at least it all worked out in the end.