Saturday, June 8, 2019

Home for the weekend

This is the first weekend in what seems like a long time that we've stayed in Sevilla.  We had to plan the grocery shopping carefully because, as usual, everything's closed tomorrow and Jo-Anne, John, Luke and Katie Jo arrive tomorrow. We wanted to make sure they had a few things to stock their AirBnB for Sunday.


I went to the gym while Laura got her steps. This evening, I took the trash out and watched a tourist boat go down the river:

I also noticed a wedding party with fancy Rolls Royce limos doing some photos down by the river:

You can see the bride up on the steps. Not sure why these drivers were peering "under the bonnet" as a proper Rolls owner would say:

Beautiful vehicles.


I spent some time solving some technical issues with a figure for the revision. It's mostly worked out now. I also finished an on-line one-dimensional cellular automata visualizer. I think I'm going to use this to paint my tile next week in our ceramics workshop:

This is a 13x13 part of Rule 110. It's chaotic.