Friday, May 17, 2019

Make Spain Great Again

I saw this VOX party tent at the end of our street this evening:

This is the Spanish equivalent of "Make America Great Again". Nationalistic, anti-immigrant etc.


Laundry day:

I'm really enjoying the return to summer weather. Laundry is so easy. Put it on the roof, pick it up two hours later. It never rains. In the winter, I'd put laundry off and put it off until finally it had to be done. Then it would take days to dry on the rack in the apartment.


I think I've done what I can do with clustering. On to supervised learning.


I talked to Kathy on the phone for a while this evening.


Since the MLB season started, we've been in the habit of watching the Seattle Mariners in the mornings here. They're so bad now, that a few days ago, we started watching the Phillies instead and just catching the Mariners highlights. We may have jinxed the poor Phils though because now they're playing as poorly as the M's.

Oh well, we also have the Giro d'Italia to watch each day.