Monday, September 17, 2018

Not Dueling Banjos

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the every-other-year flamenco exhibition is going on here in Sevilla (the original home of the flamenco tradition). It's called la Bienal. We're fortunate to be here during the "on" year. I've always been a fan of classical guitar. Classical guitar is deeply rooted in Spanish tradition and hence shares a lot with the flamenco style. There are famous flamenco singers, dancers and guitarists putting on shows throughout the city during this exhibition. This evening we went to see "Compadres" a show featuring flamenco guitarists Niño de Pura and Manolo Franco. They were accompanied by two flamenco singers and several percussionists. Their playing was fantastic and the rhythms were incredibly complex. The whole group was ridiculously tight--super well-rehearsed--pros all the way. Both are on Spotify, though not together. I think the joint concert was a one-time thing. Manolo Franco played this song, for example.

I'm listening to it now.

The show was in an ornate theater dating back to the 1920's called el Teatro Lope de Vega. Laura and I were in the first balcony, really good view. The show was really well attended. Here are some shots of the theater:
 Obligatory selfie:
 The foyer was as big as the theater. And as ornate:
 Even the ceiling:
 Our view:
And, not to ignore the other guitarist, Niño de Pura, here's one of his that I think he played this evening: