Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Expired Registration

About an hour after I went to bed last night, Rachel noted to Laura that the registration on the Honda had expired. Given that the registration is due each June, that would make it really expired. Laura woke me up to let me know. It's weird how you can be 100% sure of something and still be wrong. Well, I was 100% sure I had renewed the registration before we left Walla Walla. I still, even now, seem to have a memory of putting the new sticker on the license plate. However, after searching my records (credit cards, checks etc) in the middle of the night, I was forced to acknowledge that somehow, I didn't renew the registration on the car. So, changing tack, I started figuring out how to renew it. Turns out, it was pretty easy. Just do what I would (and should) have done back in May/June, log on the the registration renewal site and renew the registration. I did that. The registration will go to our house in WW. I gave Halley a heads-up to forward it the Rachel ASAP. And, Rachel will have to cross her fingers that she can make it through another week or so in Miami without getting pulled over by a FL cop for having an expired tag. (Given that she's made it 8 months, there is some reason to hope that she'll make it another week.)


Speaking of paying things on line for our WW life. The property tax bill came today (electronically). That one I paid right away, even though it's not due until April. That definitely a bill you don't want to miss. I relayed to Rachel after paying the registration that this was only the second time I'd ever missed a payment. The first time was a missed credit card bill the month that Emily was born. I supposed lots of people go through life never missing a bill, but I guess missing two in a span of 30 years or so of paying bills isn't the end of the world.


In a completely unrelated matter, the chairs in our flat our falling apart:

The joints and cushions all do this to one degree or another. Mario intended to get them repaired way back last summer when I pointed it out to him, but I guess it just slipped his mind (and we didn't really pursue it either). Anyway, we started with 4 of them, but at this point, there's only one left that is really safe to use. I finally sent Mario a message this morning about it. He apologetically said that he'd get right on it. I'd be happy to fix them myself, but I just don't have the right tools.