Sunday, January 13, 2019

End of an era

Rachel arrived in Sevilla on Dec 11th and, as I write this, is packing to leave tomorrow morning. She wasn't here in the flat the whole time. She spent a few days with a friend in Morocco and 5 days at a conference in Malaga, but this has been her home away from home for over a month. It's the end of an era, haha:

This weekend we've been hitting lot's of places to eat. We had lunch at Pad Thai Wok. Rachel's noodles were pretty spicy. Maybe the spiciest dish in all of Spain (where the cuisine is generally spice avoidant):

I went out for a run along the river. It's still strange to me to see flowers blooming in January (not complaining):

This evening, Rachel got a chocolate croissant for breakfast tomorrow. We stopped at Manu Jara widely recognized as one of the best pastry shops in Sevilla:

I've got to go finish packing.