Wednesday, November 28, 2018


My language class meets Mon and Wed from 4-5:30pm. I probably should have realized this earlier, but it really dawned on me today that I have to be a bit more deliberate with my Spanish studies in the time between classes. Up to this point, I have relied on duolingo and random conversations with Laura, but today when I had to write out the conjugations of several spanish verbs (and struggled), I realized I've got to vary my studies a bit more. I think I'm going to start working my way through the spanish textbook we have here in the flat.


The Triana Market turned on its Christmas lights yesterday. I recorded a bit of it here and added some special effects:

I'm looking forward to this weekend when all the city-installed Christmas lights are turned on.


The temperature was around 41 degrees this morning–probably our coldest temperature so far. That said, it made it up to 66 with calm sunny skies this afternoon. I'd be happy to go through the winter months like that.


Still working on my freezing fog data analytics project. I keep getting sidetracked learning new features of the pandas data analysis tool. I'm really enjoying its time indexing features (which happen to be quite useful when working with time series data, like weather data). I haven't got to the point of actually doing the machine learning part. As with most data analysis projects, preparing the data for analysis is the hard part.