Saturday, February 9, 2019

Birthday Weather

Today was my 52nd birthday (and Emily's 25th). With the weather sunny and 70, this is definitely the best weather I've ever experienced on my birthday. Following a long tradition of trying to get photos of Emily and me together on our birthday, I screenshotted our phone call today (sorry Em):

Here she's explaining how she's hoping to apply machine learning algorithms to predict which of a certain class of chemical compounds might be worth exploring a bit more deeply. She just came off of a two day workshop on applying methods of machine learning to materials science.

Laura made me a nice birthday card. Around the border are random facts about the number 52:

I also had phone calls from Keith and Jo-Anne today.


While not for my birthday, there was a fun group of women singing as an ensemble in the street in front of our building. They were accompanied by one of the regular street guitar players:

They were having fun with their heart-shaped balloons.


I took a chance and ordered a new pair of running shoes from They arrived in the dropbox over at the mall today. Laura and I walked over and picked them up this afternoon. They fit pretty well (which is always the risk of ordering shoes in the mail). I ran with them this afternoon too. So far, so good.


Laura made me a goulash (beef) poured over gnocchi for dinner. It was excellent. Overall a good finish to a good day.