Friday, March 15, 2019

Shotcut, GoPro

I did some math today. Worked on yet another kind of centroid and made some progress. I think it will fit into the current paper if I can get it completely fleshed out. I also studied the statistics behind "adverse childhood experiences" (ACEs). I learned about ACEs as a CASA, but it turns out that the methodology there might be useful in the STEM data set analysis I'm doing with Whitman data. In some sense I'm trying to find "risk factors" for success in STEM at Whitman. I think it could turn into a nice advising tool.


I spent a bit more time figuring out how to do timelapse and slo-mo on the GoPro. Interestingly, the GoPro has good hardware, but it's up to the photographer to do the post processing to get timelapse or slo-mo. As such, I spent a lot of time this evening figuring out how to edit video with shotcut (the program I mentioned yesterday). I mostly have it figured out now. I did a timelapse of sunset at Plaza de Espana:

(this is at 1 frame every 5s)

I did a slo-mo of a guy busking the plaza with soap bubbles:
(this is a 240 fps video slowed to half speed)