Sunday, September 9, 2018


Laura made an excellent chicken/pesto/pasta dish this evening. Just makin' it up as she goes, so don't ask her to do it again! A+ for presentation too:
After dinner we walked down to the Catedral de Sevilla just to see what we could see. Along the way we visited one of Laura's favorite hidden plazas, Plaza del cabildo. It is enclosed by a curved building and is not noticeable just walking along the streets nearby. I was in a mood to point my camera straight up. Here it just catches the arc of the roof edge:
The plaza is lined with several shops. This one is a rare coin shop as you might deduce from the name printed above the window:
We passed the nearby Real Alcázar de Sevilla. The corners of the enclosing walls explain clearly why the rook chess pieces look the way they do:
We still haven't made time to tour the inside of the Catedral de Sevilla, but here are a few external shots. So much detail on these main entrances:
One of the taller towers of the Catedral (also more upward pointing camera work:
Also, enjoyed watching this tourist happily not getting the hang of this Segway, haha: