Saturday, May 18, 2019

Souvenir Shopping

Neither Laura nor I are big shoppers. That said, we've known since we got here that we'd like to buy some kind of souvenir to commemorate Sevilla. Before leaving Hungary, we bought a modest water-color painting of one of the ubiquitous bright yellow trams that served us so well during our stay there. This time around, we're looking for a print or painting of the Triana Bridge (the best bridge). We've seen a few items like this around town and the plan was to pull the trigger on something today. There's a shop down the street that has some nice prints. We thought it might be cool to get something hand-made right in our neighborhood. To boot, Laura noticed that this store was represented in a craft fair this week over by the cathedral. Noting the operating hours of the craft fair, we went over this afternoon around 5:30pm only to find it closed because of Yet Another Procession (YAP).

Fortunately, the craft fair goes for a couple more weeks, so we'll get there eventually.


The full moon this evening rose around 9:15pm local time. I still haven't figured out how to photograph it clearly, but it was lovely to see:

The subject of our much sought after print in the evening light: