Saturday, April 27, 2019


We got up "muy temprano" to begin our day trip to Cádiz. We started by taking the tram to the train station:

Ninety minutes later, we exited the train station at Cádiz:

The first thing we noticed was a cruise ship that was the size of a city block in port:

We wandered into a plaza and had breakfast in a cafe in the sun:

Laura paid the bill entirely with euro coins she's been collecting:

In another park I found this guy expounding about the moon:

Just playing with snapseed filters on this photo of a statue in one of the parks:

The Atlantic Ocean was remarkably calm:

We went up into a tower that housed a "cámara oscura". This is the cathedral in Cádiz:

From here you could see the line of Calle Sacramento as it cuts across the old part of the city:

Obligatory tower selfie:

This theater with an odd name, Gran Teatro Falla (The Big Theater Failur):

Another calm view of the Atlantic:

The weather  was beautiful. I also saw this sailboat being "rescued" by a coast guard ship:

After a while, escaping the sun became a priority. This beautiful magnolia tree along the beach provided welcome shade:

Even the monk parakeets enjoyed the shade:

I was entertained by this girl's struggle to "walk" her dog which was substantially bigger than her:

In the search for a public restroom, I went into a fort on the beach and took this photo of a couple of boats through this "embrasure" or "loophole" (I looked up fortification terminology, haha):

We visited the Plaza de Espana of Cádiz. In Sevilla, the Plaza de Espana is a semi-circular, ornate building. Here in Cádiz, it is a semi-circular memorial sculpture/statue:

I guess the semi-circular-ness is the theme. We wandered to the finish line of a triathlon:

We re-traced our steps back to the train station, back to Sevilla, and back to our flat. We got home around 10:30pm walking back through streets crowded with the usual Saturday night gatherings in bar/cafes.