Thursday, October 25, 2018

Impromptu Flamenco

Laura's language school, Sevillahabla!, had an international pot luck this afternoon. Students were asked to bring dishes of food from their home countries. Laura brought an apple pie and some baked macaroni and cheese. I was invited and so headed over there around 2pm. Laura's dishes were pretty popular. One of the Spanish teachers repeatedly complemented her on the apple pie. I think if Laura wanted to, she could run a pretty successful restaurant here, in spite of the wicked competition here (there're literally restaurants everywhere here).

Just as the gathering seemed to be dying a natural death, one of the teachers asked one of the students, a Japanese national here in Sevilla learning flamenco guitar, to play his guitar. He generously obliged:

This turned into a dance party. Two of the Spanish teachers showed their flamenco dance talents. Later, it just turned into a dance party:


I liked the way the morning sun hit this mural with the feather branches hanging across it:

Generally a lovely sunny day here. The weather is supposed to change this weekend with highs only in the 50's for a while, unseasonably cool.