Friday, December 28, 2018

Work Day

Today we bade farewell to Ric and Kathy. They drove to Lisbon this morning to catch a plane back to the US. It's strange how time flies. Kathy started planning this trip about a year ago when she first learned that we were heading to Spain. She and Ric did a lot of the planning in Morocco and Granada. We had some adventures and enjoyed our Christmas together. Now it's in the past.

They made it to Lisbon without incident.


Today was a day of work for us. Laura studied Spanish. Rachel is studying basic economics in advance of an econometrics class she's taking this coming semester. Emily is reviewing a paper for a journal. I'm writing a talk for the Joint Mathematics Meeting in Baltimore next month.

This evening we walked up to Plaza de San Francisco and watched the 3 Kings Christmas light show with Emily.

We grabbed a pizza for dinner and helado at Villar for dessert. I have found, through a series of independent experiments and now very repeatable, that the brownie helado is the best possible helado.