Monday, May 6, 2019

Office space

With Marge and then Juli visiting, I moved my office out of the guest room and back into the little nook off of the kitchen.

I have to say it's been better this time than when I did this in Dec for our visitors then. In Dec the room was pretty cold and sitting in there for extended periods chilled me to the bone. Now it's pretty comfortable. Good thing because I spent most of the day in there today, haha. I was mostly doing data prep for an unsupervised learning exercise. Nobody tells you when you start in data science that at least half the time you are wrestling with data trying to get it into a form that is amenable to machine learning algorithms. Tomorrow I'm going to play with a few different clustering algorithms now that my data is ready.


I did go out this afternoon to walk with Laura to her class (mine is canceled this week because of feria) and then went to the gym. At some point I should go look at feria while it's actually happening, but haven't done so yet.