Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Rachel and Taylor

Rachel and Taylor arrived for a visit today. I took the bus out to the airport to meet them and get them back to the flat. Laura had spanish class at this time. The airport is on the eastern edge of the metro area. Everything ran on time, buses, planes etc. In the airport, as sort of a Christmas display, was a mock up of the cathedral with la Giralda (the noted bell tower of the cathedral). Here's a side-by-side of the mock up and the real thing. Can you spot the real one?

I know, the giant nativity humans on the left kind of give it away.

Rachel, Taylor and I rode the bus back downtown and walked the remaining couple of blocks to the flat. By that time, Laura was finished with class and met us at home. We grabbed lunch on San Jacinto and I went to my spanish class. Rachel has a bit of a sore throat that we hope doesn't turn into a cold:

During that time, Laura walked around town with them a bit, just to keep them moving instead of sleeping (jetlag). They wrapped up with a trip to the grocery store. Back home, Laura made soup for dinner (most excellent). We mostly hung out in the flat after that. Now R & T are enjoying long-awaited sleep.