Thursday, March 7, 2019


I was not a good task-switcher today. Other than a trip to Costco with Laura at midday, I worked on a proof. It's complicated, but I think it's solid. I'll worry about making it concise later. Right now it's in the hands of my collaborator. I don't envy him the job of reading it. Here's a hand-drawn figure that lays out some notation I used:


When I did venture out across the bridge today, I notice that some workers were resurfacing the bike lanes:

No doubt this is all in preparation for Holy Week (semana santa) in April and faria in May. From everything that we've heard, read and seen, these events are massive. The city will be at absolute capacity with visitors and events.


I talked to Kathy for a while today. She's busy, but sounds good. I swapped a text with Jim who is closing out his career as an active firefighter today and moving to an administrative position within the dept. Swapped messages with Jo-Anne who is trying to plan a visit to Sevilla in early April.