Sunday, October 28, 2018

Fall Back

European "summer time" ended this weekend. For a couple of weeks we're only 5 hours ahead of Rachel in Miami and only 8 hours ahead of Emily in Santa Barbara. This may be the last time Europe "falls back". The EU is on pace to eliminate annual time changes for good this year. So, when we switch back to "summer time" in the spring of 2019, that'll be it, Europe will just stay there. I wish the US would do that.


Pretty chilly this morning when I went out for my walk--about 47 degrees. Supposed to be a few degrees cooler tomorrow. On the other hand, the breeze was nice, the air was clear, and the clouds were pretty. We even managed to dry a load of laundry on the roof. Us and everyone else. A glance across the roofs in the neighborhood showed lots of people took the opportunity of a breezy, sunny, dry day to do laundry. There were even 4 different occupied clotheslines on our own roof--a record over the 4 months that we've been here.

I took a few pictures this evening, nothing new, but the lighting was interesting. Here's a look down San Jacinto, streamers across the road in preparation for the processions on All Saints Day November 1st (a nation holiday):

A look down the river with the Torre del Oro in the center and clouds looming to the south:

Yesterday and today, there were paddle board races on the river. Racing paddle boards is not really as elegant as the traditional rowing events, but they seemed to be having fun:

This afternoon, it was all a memory and workers were putting away the temporary dock:


I didn't post this yesterday, but I liked this shot of a dachshund watching us from a ground-floor window as we walked home from the grocery store:


Talked to Rachel for a while today. She's been exploring this crowd sourced science project called FoldIt for her class. Volunteers look at complicated protein structures and solve small folding problems on their own. Those small solutions are then aggregated into the solution of a larger problem for the organizing scientists. It looks pretty interesting, so go do it!


I have to go do my Spanish homework now. I'm supposed to watch this episode of Mr. Bean called "El Dentista" and describe the action in the video using sentences in Spanish.