Sunday, July 29, 2018

Sunday in Sevilla

The unusually mild summer continues here. I went out for a run this morning and it was so clear and almost cool. The sun on the riverside buildings was pretty striking:
I was out a little earlier than usual because we had a 10am breakfast meeting with Mario and Palma (the folks renting us the apartment). We worked out the details of our remaining stay in their apartment. We also had a good, wide-ranging conversation, mostly in English, about schools here in Spain, both high school and college, Palma's parents, August in Sevilla (how it mostly shuts down) and their impending trip to Germany for vacation.

I talked to my mom and later Rachel. We also did laundry and other weekly cleaning chores.

This evening we went out for a short walk. It was again breezy and cool-ish. This guy is always on the main drag in Triana, mostly nuts and roasted, salted beans:
 These two were sound asleep and not really a parent in sight, but I'm sure it was fine, haha:
 This is the front of the bread store on the main street, it's actually closed with the big metal doors rolled down. Traditionally, the metal doors on stores around here are painted with representations of whatever the store sells:
 This is the bottom of our bridge (the best bridge):
 Here is the cobblestone path along our side of the river:
 This statue is very strange, also along the river, couldn't get a shot from the front since it's too close to the river:
 Finally, back home, I realized I don't have a picture of the front of our building, our flat is on the 2nd floor (remember in Europe, floors are: ground, first, second, in the US our flat would be said to be on the third floor).