Tuesday, April 9, 2019


For homework, my Spanish teacher asked us to look for uses of the imperative out in the "wild". I saw this sign while walking Laura to class today:

It's just your standard caution sign for some public works project:

Acera en obras 
Disculpen las molestias

Which translates roughly to: Pedestrian! Sidewalk work. Excuse the inconvenience. The imperative here is the formal you plural (ustedes) form of the verb disculpar (to excuse, to forgive). I like this example because most of the examples we had in class were from advertisements, "buy this", "sign up for that", "save money" etc. This a non-commercial use of the imperative, haha.


For exercise today, I rode around a bit on one of the bike shares. I took my GoPro with me and did some more slo-motion photography. The camera can do 1080p at 240fps. I can take that 240fps and slow it down to 24fps (a slow motion factor of 10) which is pretty good. I'm still looking for some actually interesting subject matter, but today I did get a nice slo-mo of a bubble floating by the fountain at the Plaza de Espana: