Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Back in Sevilla

Nice to be back home. The flights all ran on time and bus from the airport to the flat was also timely and easy. The flight to Madrid was a bit of a slog, but I managed to sleep about half of it away. I was glad I had a 2 hr layover in Madrid before my flight to Sevilla. Passport control in Madrid took about 45 mins, then you have to leave and reenter security because the Sevilla flight is in the domestic terminal.

The bus dropped me relatively close to the flat--on the other side of the bridge. I rolled my bag across the bridge:
My eating and sleeping is all wonky, but I really appreciated this sign that Laura left on the fridge:
Laura just got home from class so all is back to normal here in Sevilla. Hoping I can stay up until 11pm and sleep until 7am.

Back to Spain

Rachel and I spent the day "working" in her living room. We each sat there in front of our computers, but I'm guessing we were cruising along at about 20% efficiency haha. We'd work, we'd talk, we'd go to lunch, work, talk, go to campus, work, talk, go to dinner, talk, drive to the airport. Overall, I had a good trip, a nice visit with Rachel, and a productive meeting. Right now it seems worth the effort, but I'll let you know tomorrow after this 8 hr red-eye to Madrid followed by a quick jump to Sevilla and the bus home from the airport. It's currently 3:40am in Sevilla. I expect to get to the flat sometime around 6pm Sevilla time. Still a lot of travel between me and home.

During one of our walks today, Rachel and I passed by the statue of the University of Miami mascot, Sebastian. I took a picture of Rachel next to Sebastian:
You can probably tell that the sun was beating down on this whole situation. Rachel's grimace is due to the fact that the bronze statue was about 4,000 degrees.

This evening, we went to Swenson's for dinner. I had a pretty good club sandwich. Rachel had a salad. It was a large salad, so she took half home for lunch tomorrow. Here's one last selfie for the road: