Sunday, January 20, 2019

Delaware to Baltimore and back

Spent the day going through photos in my mom's house. Here's one of me at my sister's graduation from William & Mary in 1985. That's my dad on the left, my brother, Keith, and my sister Jo-Anne:

My mom's 4 dogs have spent most of the day outside and out of the way. The poor things:

Luke is in the middle of his semester at GVSU. He's doing a bit of homework in one of the lulls:

Katie Jo is sorting through photos for a collage to show at the reception after the funeral:

Laura, Jo-Anne and Kathy made a huge amount of progress sorting through stuff in the basement:

We made a run to Home Depot for some boxes. The sunset was brilliant and the full moon impressive:

Emily arrived here in Baltimore from Santa Barbara at 10:30pm. We're killing time in a diner near the airport waiting for Rachel's flight (90 mins late):

We're looking at getting back to Delaware at around 3:30am if all goes well. We're due at the church for the funeral at 9:15am. It's gonna be a rough day tomorrow.