Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Parrots of Sevilla

I went out for a run along the river this morning. On a whim, at my usual turn around point, I just kept going along the path until the "river" ended at it's northern end (I'm now calling the body of water near our house "the river" even though it's technically a spur of the actual river the runs to our west. So I ran to the end of the spur. My plan was to find a bike share station near there and just ride home. Before doing that I encountered a flock of parrots:
Also at the end of the river is a large park. In the park is a massive sculpture called the Huevo de Colón:
It's probably around 150ft tall.

After this, I found a bike station and rode home along the river. I had a good day with math. Met most of my goals. The one that I didn't get to was replaced with another activity, so no net loss.

It's back to being seasonably warm which today meant 96 degrees. As a Walla Walla veteran, no big deal. This evening I took the trash out. Things really get hopping around our neighborhood in the late evening. All the cafes were full. I walked out onto the bridge for a bit. I also took a picture of a building at the foot of the bridge that just got a new paint job. It looks pretty good: