Monday, June 10, 2019

Inner ceramacist

We had a pretty busy day today. It started around 10am as we made our way to the Cathedral for the rooftop tour. I find the roof of the Cathdral and learning about its history and construction much more interesting than the inside. The views up there are awesome:

Here's a group shot after we finished with the Cathedral:

After the Cathedral, we walked to the Alameda and had tapas at Arte & Sabor. So much better than Cafe y Tapas (which we regrettably patronized yesterday evening). At that point, Laura headed off to class and we took the bus home. After a couple hours' break, we went to the ceramic studio across the street and had a 2.5 hour lesson in painting tiles. We had a lot of fun and our host was a fun and articulate woman from the UK who has lived in Spain for several years. I struggled with the painting, but eventually managed to get this design:

onto my tile. The rest of the group did pretty well with their projects. We pick up the fired pieces on Thursday.


After the lesson, we returned to our flat where Laura had returned from class and made us an excellent pasta dinner.