Monday, October 1, 2018

Walmart Sunrise

Got up bright and early in UT this morning. I don't think I ever really transitioned over to the Mountain Time Zone. That's probably fine since I've got to get back to Spain tomorrow anyway. The sunrise this morning in Orem as I was heading to my car to drive to the airport was beautiful. The mountain to the east of the hotel across Utah Lake was well lit.
This is possibly the most iconic photo of 'murica you could take. In the foreground you have the vast expanse of the roof of a Walmart. In the medium distance, the billowing US flag. In the distance, the mountains majesty.


Not much to report today. Flights were all on time. I flew Southwest to Phoenix, then over to Ft. Lauderdale. About 6.5 hrs of air time, but low stress and efficient. Rachel picked me up at FLL and drove me to her place. We made a quick pit stop at Taco Bell for dinner. My temporary bed on Rachel's couch is all made up. I'm just sitting here waiting until 10:50pm when I can check into my British Airways flight back to Spain (Sevilla via Madrid).