Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Plus Two

Kathy and Ric arrived from Portugal today. They are staying in an airbnb right next to our building. The airbnb host showed up kind of on time and showed them around the flat. Nice place.

Laura found a whole turkey and El Corte Ingles yesterday, so we had a delayed Thanksgiving (or an early Christmas) meal:

We even had stuffing in the bird. Just like back home. After dinner, we all walked to the Plaza de San Francisco and watched the three kings Christmas display on the half-hour. We walked down the street by the cathedral to give Kathy and Ric a first look at Sevilla and Taylor, who leaves early tomorrow morning, a last look. The river was glassy and the buildings looked lovely both real and reflected:

I'm keeping this short because we have to get up early tomorrow to drive to Tarifa and catch the ferry to Tangier, Morocco. Rachel and I are going there with Ric & Kathy for a couple of days. Laura's staying here in Sevilla to go to class and make sure Emily gets in ok on Saturday. Before heading to Tarifa, we're dropping Taylor off at the Sevilla airport. He heads home to California to be with his family for the holidays. We've enjoyed our visit with Taylor.

See you tomorrow in Morocco.