Tuesday, June 11, 2019

An anniversary of sorts

It was June 11, 2018 when we drove out of Walla Walla. A lot has happened in that year. It's gone fast and slow at the same time.


Today we went to the Royal Alcázar with John, Jo-Anne, Katie Jo and Luke. The weather was lovely--relatively cool and breezy.This was my 4th or 5th visit and there's always something new to see. For example, I never thought a peacock with full plumage could perch outside a 2nd story window, but here's one:

I never get tired of the Moorish penchant for geometric ornamentation. The prohibition against images of animals or people forced artisans of the time to turn to geometry for artistic expression. This wrought iron door/gate is just one example:

This was the first time I visited the royal "swimming pool" beneath the palace. Quiet and cool, it must have been a great escape from the Sevillian heat in July and August:

This side passage along the pool was beautifully lit too:

The palace gardens under a cool, clear blue sky:

After the Royal Alcázar, we had lunch at the little fast-food Italian place around the corner from our flat. Then we split up. Laura went to class, I went to the gym and did a little work on my revision, Jo-Anne, Luke and Katie Jo went downtown and John took a bit of a breather at the AirBnb.

We got back together and the Gruchots tried some sangria at Volapie, another restaurant around the corner from us. The sangria seemed to be universally enjoyed. Laura returned from class and made us chicken fajitas for dinner. All cleaned up and heading to bed now. We have to rise early to catch the tour bus to Gibraltar tomorrow.