Monday, October 8, 2018

Ciencia Divertida

Saw this crew along the river this morning:

Surreptitious photo, so not a good angle. When I got home, I zoomed in and saw this:

Along with the fun Einstein icon were the words "Ciencia Divertida". Turns out they were flying my colors. I wish I'd stuck around to see what they were up to. Science is definitely fun.


Speaking of science, while out along the river, I collected some accelerometer data from my phone while I walked/ran at three distinct speeds. I took the data home and did some frequency analysis using a fast Fourier transform. Here you can see for my "medium" speed, there is a peak frequency of 22 on this 10 sec recording. That means that my pace was 2.2 steps per second. The same analysis on the "fast" speed data gave a pace of 3 steps per second. This is not technically my research, but I will definitely use this the next time I teach Fourier analysis in my engineering math class.