Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Interior Spaces

The relatively ordered streets of Sevilla hide a ridiculously complicated interior. Every time I go up on the roof to hang laundry, I look around at the interior spaces below and am astonished at the maze of confusion:

On the other hand, lots of folks seem to have their own private rooftop sanctuaries complete with chairs and astroturf. I kind of wish we had that. It would be nice to have a private place to sit outside. In our building, it's against the rules to just hang out on the roof. You're only allowed to use it for laundry.

It was a partly cloudy day today, but pleasant. The sunset was nice from the roof as I took down the laundry:


I did a lot of math and managed to task switch to a DataCamp course on Decision Trees. I also started reading about the history of "center of gravity" and "centroid" for a paper I'm starting to write. These ideas are so old and so basic that you can't attribute them to a single individual. As long as there have been engineers and builders, there have been people figuring out the center of gravity of shapes. That said, there's a lot of interesting math history about who did what with centers of gravity. Even Leonardo Da Vinci is said to have computed the center of mass of a tetrahedron and a pyramid of any number of sides.