Friday, August 31, 2018

Spot the Difference

Rachel told me about the photo processing app Snapseed a while back. It has some really sophisticated photo editing tools wrapped into a relatively easy to use interface. This morning I took a picture of the river through a passageway. At the end of the passageway was a sign reminding people to pick up after their dogs. It kind of ruined the shot. Snapseed to the rescue. Of course, now we have no idea what's real anymore:
Relatively normal day today, practiced Spanish in the morning, grocery shopped, did math in the afternoon. On Friday's we typically go out to eat. Laura heard about a good pizza place over on the Sevilla side past her language school, so I met her after class and we walked over that way. It was a nice walk, though still pretty stifling after the day's heat. We went through some cute neighborhoods that we had yet to visit (yes, there are still plenty left to see). Found the lovely little Plaza de Pilatos with its statue of the artist/painter Zurbarán:
 We found the pizza place a little past the plaza, Pizzería La Urbana:
The pizza was great, thin crust, not greasy, good tomato sauce:
Also, hard to beat 1 euro beers when it's hot out:
Only drawback, weird mural along the back wall of monkeys eating pizza:
I kinda liked it though.

Total random photo from someone that likes electric cars. These one-passenger electric cars are everywhere here:
Of course there's also every other kind of electric mode of transport you can imagine too: scooters, skateboards, bikes, motorcycles, mopeds. They zoom around you on the streets at all hours.