Monday, November 5, 2018

Tile Floors

Our flat here has tile floors everywhere with no rugs of any kind. I like them because they're easy to maintain. Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping are all pretty easy. As we move into winter, I'm starting to see a down side.

We don't wear shoes in the house. We didn't in Walla Walla and we continue that habit here. That means spending most of our time here in the apartment in socks. As the day goes on, I find my feet getting progressively colder and colder. The cool tile just leeches the heat right out. I'm not really a slipper guy, but it seemed the only solution.

Laura found a pair of slippers for me while out on her walk yesterday. They were cheap. I wore them today and they really do seem to do the trick. The heavy soles insulate my feet from the tile. As I write this, my feet are comfortably warm:

Not sure where I am on the tile vs. wood vs. carpeting question, but at least my feet are warm now. Thanks Laura!


I mostly finished writing a paper today. If all goes well, I'll get it submitted in the next day or two. Then, my OCD riddled mind can move on to other projects.


Happy election day tomorrow. I hope everyone votes. Since we're 6 hours ahead of the east coast, 9 hours ahead of the west coast, we probably won't hear anything definitive until Wed morning our time.