Monday, March 4, 2019

All I got was this t-shirt...

The t-shirt I got in Morocco this weekend bled all over one of Laura's shirts in the laundry today:

I guess I shouldn't be surprised since it cost a whopping $5. Funny story, I found the t-shirt and asked the proprietor how much. He said 80 dirham (about $8). I was about to agree when Laura decided to haggle. She came back with 45 dirham. The proprietor came back with 70. Laura hit him with 50, he came back with 70. Laura started to leave, the proprietor caved and gave it to us for 50 dirham. After the transaction, the proprietor was clearly impressed with Laura's haggling skills (and by comparison, disappointed in mine, which are non-existent). He seemed actually happy to have someone haggle so fiercely with him, haha.

Regardless, even though I washed it in cold water, it ran a bit. We were able to bleach Laura's shirt and it's as good as new now. The shirt itself seems none the worse for the wear. My guess is there's plenty of red dye in it to last many washings.

Finally, I checked, and the Arabic script above is just the word "Morocco". Also, the design of the shirt itself is just based on the Moroccan flag:


Had a good math day today. I sketched out a proof that I think holds water. Getting close to starting a draft of a paper.


Spanish class was good today. I think my listening skills are improving. Speaking, not so much.


I talked to Rachel for a while. Always good to catch up with her.