Thursday, June 13, 2019


Today was essentially a free day for the Gruchots. We visited the Plaza de Espana this morning and the nearby Maria Luisa Park. On the way over, we saw these guys taking their mules out for a walk across the (best) bridge:

I took a frew random photos at Maria Luisa Park, but the composition on this one really struck me:

Here's the Plaza de Espana from one of the balonies. This was likely my last trip to this amazing space:

We went to dinner at Antojo this evening. They have a carbonized cod filet there that is amazing and I don't even like fish. On the way home, the pilgrims from Rocio were returning home from their week-long trek. They were singing and seemed pretty happy, but you could tell they were a bit tired too. So were the oxen pulling the wagons: