Saturday, September 15, 2018

Sometimes you build it and they don't come.

Sadly, it rained again this evening and the anticipated procession was canceled. All of those decorations, painstakingly constructed and hung... Here's the video of a sad and bedraggled parade route (which looks a lot like yesterday, wet):


Earlier today, we went for "lunch" (which here is around 3pm) at a Mexican place called Iguana Ranas. Lovely place and good food, but didn't quite scratch that itch for Mexican that's almost always there for us, especially after having lived in Walla Walla for 22 years. I had the "tacombi", flour tacos one beef, one pork, one chicken. This photo almost didn't happen, but Laura suggested that the sauces might have been arranged to resemble the Mexican flag:
I'll buy it.


I mentioned a couple of things to Mario that needed fixing around the flat. A screw fell out of one of the chairs and I didn't have a screwdriver to put it back. Also, the bathroom sink was draining slowly. I didn't have a wrench to pull apart the drain pipe and clean it. Mario brought over some tools this afternoon and we were able to get the screw replaced and the drain running like a champ. I do kind of miss fixing things around the house. That said, I'm seriously hoping for a maintenance free year at the Walla Walla house!