Sunday, August 19, 2018

Random Images

Mostly quiet day today. Went out for a walk this morning. Saw the public workers cleaning up after Saturday night on the river:
Saw this clever drawing of an elephant on one of the curb ends on the river walk:
Sevilla is a very bike friendly city. There are bike only trails that cover the city. They're integrated into the traffic signals and crosswalks. There are lots of ways in which they are clearly identified. Most common, the pavement of a bike trail is painted green. In some places, where painting the pavement is not an option, like historic areas, small metal buttons are used to mark the border of the path. Laura noticed, and I agreed, that the buttons look like little faces when they're upside down:
Finally, I forgot to include this weird little sign hanging on a gnarled old tree down in the tourist area:
If you zoom in, it says, "Tengo miedo. No me tales, por favor." It's clearly on its last limbs and has been cut many times. Translated, the sign says, "I'm afraid. Don't cut me down, please." I guess somebody loves the poor old thing.

Hot today and as far as the weather forecast extends.

Today we (Laura) made reservations to spend a night next weekend in Malaga, a beach town south of here on the Mediterranean. The beach down there looks beautiful, but is likely to be very crowded. Our visit coincides with the start of the 3-week Vuelta a Espana (one of the three "grand tour" bike races). As an avid fan of bike racing for most of my adult life, I've never had a chance to see one of the grand tours IRL. Should be really fun.