Monday, December 3, 2018

Purple Skies

We've had a lovely stretch of weather here. Easily the best December I've ever experienced in my 51 years of living in wintry locales. This evening as I walked home from language class, I crossed a different bridge and had a lovely view of our bridge (the best bridge) in the dusky colors:

I have a bit of regret because I didn't have my tripod and this was a bit of a low-light situation. It would've been much sharper on a tripod. I held my hand as steady as possible, but sometimes it's just impossible. This was a view from the same position but looking more west towards the sunset.


Class was good today. I was a little worried because the warm-up listening exercises I did at home before class were horrible. I was afraid I'd get there and not understand a word of what the teacher was saying, but in the end I actually had a pretty good listening day. Listening is improving more quickly than speaking. I probably should work a bit harder at finding opportunities to speak.

That could happen tomorrow since the painter is supposed to come to the flat tomorrow for access to the shutters and railings outside our front-facing windows. He's a nice guy, but he's a real, live Sevilliano and he's hard to understand–not like my very kind and patient teacher.