Saturday, September 29, 2018

Stained Glass

Day 2 of the conference. Productive. Marina and I have started drafting a minor in data science. Based on what we've seen here from folks in industry and at other schools, we already have the courses, really just a matter of packaging them together into a sequence for students to take.
The Utah Valley campus is impressive. The buildings are new, clean. The quad is lovely. There's a beautiful water feature in the quad:
The feature at the top has a sheet of water that looks really cool in slo-motion:

There's an alcove in one of the buildings that has a wall of stained glass under the heading "Roots of Knowledge". It's a kind of history of human knowledge in stained glass. It's an impressive piece of art--especially for a mid-sized public university.
Here is a close up of one of the panes:
I liked the juxtaposition of the mathematician Euler and Independence Hall. I'd never really contemporized those two entities.

I took Marina to the airport in SLC after the meeting. We stopped at Pizzaria Limone on the way up. Pretty tasty.

I fly out tomorrow morning. I'm taking two colleagues from Morehouse College to the airport with me. They were attending this workshop to help prepare for when they host a similar workshop at Morehouse later this year.