Saturday, September 1, 2018

Happy Birthday Rachel

Ran north to the end of "the river" this morning, then worked my way to a bike share station and rode home. Like any city, Sevilla has its blighted areas. I've mentioned the area west of the river where the '92 Expo was. Lot's of fancy Expo buildings that never really found a use after the Expo and have fallen into disrepair. Very similar to what one sees of Olympic facilities a few years after the games have occurred. I passed by another blighted area as I made my way to the bike station this morning:
It would be interesting to know how these properties end up this way. Although, I've always been kind of obsessed with the abandoned buildings that dot the western US. Whenever we drive around rural WA, OR and ID, we see lone houses or cabins or barns that are abandoned and have fallen into disrepair. Every one of those properties has a human story attached to it. I'm always imagining how the building came to be and what caused it to end up in its current state. Similarly, here in Sevilla, I wonder how these properties end up in conditions like the one pictured.

On a happier note, we talked to Rachel today to wish her a happy birthday. She has a fun weekend planned spending time in Key Largo with friends.

It's now September. Still hot here, but looks like that may be breaking sometime early next week.

Laundry kind of piled up this week so we did it today. As usual, with the hot dry weather, the clothes dried quickly and thoroughly.

In another "as usual" we planned and shopped for today and Sunday (when all the grocery stores are closed). Laura has developed a nice rotation of meals. We know the ingredients well and where to buy them. We'll have to see how inventories, especially fruits and vegetables, shift as the year unfolds.

I took a break from math today. Also, mostly stayed in and read or watched shows. Finished the series "Goliath" on Amazon. Interesting, not the greatest, but worth a watch.