Wednesday, June 5, 2019

El Rocío

Or, YAP (yet another procession). El Rocío is an annual pilgrimage that draws folks from all over Spain. This morning a procession left from Triana to make the roughly 80km walk to El Rocío over the next couple of days. The expedition consisted of people on foot, on horseback and on ox drawn wagons:

Crowds lined the street see them off and wish them well. With only a few weeks left in our time here in Sevilla, could this be my last procession?


I made good progress on the revisions to my paper today. I thanked my past self for taking careful notes while I prepared the original submission--especially with regard to the creation of the figures. I found it easy to get myself back up to speed and am confident that I can get the revisions squared away this week.


It was pleasantly cooler today. I walked Laura to class and headed to the gym and wasn't nearly as sweaty as I normally am


I talked to Kathy on the phone this evening while Laura went to Costco to get some things in for Jo-Anne's visit and for a potluck at her school tomorrow.