Wednesday, February 20, 2019


I guess exterminators are part of everyday life in most cities. Today we noticed one parked in front of our building today apparently working in some spaces in the building across the street. I magnified part of the truck so you can see the words "Control y Tratamiento de Plagas":

I like the word "plaga". It sounds biblical, though in Spanish its more like "pests".

Of course, when you run a restaurant, like the guy in the green circle, having an exterminator parked in front of your restaurant is not really ideal for attracting customers. Round about lunch time, when green circle guy wants to open up the restaurant, he starts following around the exterminator guys I guess trying to get them to wrap it up. To be fair, the truck was parked in the area where he sets up outdoor seating, so I'm sure that was part of it.


On a more humorous note, later we heard a gaggle of kids in front of the building. Looking out, we saw this:

Now that's a plaga. Better call the exterminators...


It's good being married to a mathematician. I shared some work with Laura today because I was getting results that seemed counterintuitive to me. Laura came up with a very intuitive explanation for what I was seeing that led to some real insights. A lot of math progress today.


I learned that the other longest attending student in my Spanish class, Jake, was a child actor for a BBC children's show called the Green Balloon Club. It ran for several years and nearly 40 episodes. He really enjoyed doing it. They made one episode a month over an intense 3 day period. You can see it on youtube. His name is Jake Pratt.